Hi, my name is Bethany La Deaux! I’m fifteen years old and I come from a small town in Washington State, but dream of achieving big things in my future when it comes to the topic of music. With my go big or go home mindset, I am bound to make those dreams happen whether my music gets shared with a little audience in a bar or gets heard from all around the world.

Growing up, fitting in at school was never an easy thing for me and I struggled with discovering who I was for a while. I dressed differently than the other kids; the small town dress code was skinny jeans and white vans, which I didn’t mind, but it wasn’t my thing. I wanted to make an image for myself, so I started dressing out of my comfort zone- dying my hair abnormal colors, and seeing the potential in ugly clothes that would no later be rocked by me the next day. It shot my confidence through the roof, and I learned more and more everyday how I was unique and helping myself be the person I wanted to be. It helped me realize that I never minded not fitting in and I still don’t fit in to this day.

The only struggle was finding people like me. although music had been with me throughout my whole entire life, being born and raised by a family of past and current musicians, it wasn’t until I got older that music really did become my best friend. After coming home from a hard day, or feeling so giddy and full of happiness, I would always execute my feelings on the piano, and eventually I dressed the piano’s melody in words that looked pretty on a piece of paper. The joy and control I felt when finishing my first song pushed me more to explore further and help me perfect the craft of songwriting and music making- which I still have a long time to master, but who ever has?

I still don’t know who I truly am to this day, but music has helped guide me and give me an outlet to say the things I would be too scared to say in a conversation. With the help of a melody and a rhyme, my voice is ready to be heard. Check out my videos below. 

Cover Songs Videos

Love of My Life – Queen

Walk Like an Egyptian

School Talent Show – With Chloe La Deaux on Guitar and Vocals

Cover Songs Tracks

I am a Good Girl

by Bethany La Deaux - artist Christina Aguilera | Burlesque

Sweet Creature

by Bethany La Deaux - artist Harry Styles